One Tree Planted Program

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Unified Public Advocacy (UPA) are planting one million trees in the Sustainable Housing Project. We will plant one for every client UPA serves. This initiative is another way to restore the environment when disaster strikes your property. It is estimated that a tree can account for a substantial percentage of the timber used to build an average home. Our clients are proud that at absolutely no cost to them they are helping to save the environment.
Homeowner claims, business owner claims, and commercial claims all qualify. There is absolutely no need to be a client either anyone with a claim can request a tree planted just send your estimate showing your damage and we will start digging it's that simple. Fire claims are extremely destructive and sometimes can damage an entire city block by engulfing the surrounding houses in smoke. This smoke is toxic and has dire health effects when inhaled over long periods of time. It's critically important you get a restoration company to clean it ASAP.
The UPA recommends Respro to all our clients as they are extremely professional and only take what the insurance company pays them so no surprises after the fact like a big bill. The Respro also contributes to the Sustainable Housing Project with an additional tree and the more trees the better. We are very proud of the difference our clients are making in the World. If you would like information on how you can help please feel free to call us anytime.

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