Helping You Navigate FEMA Relief

Welcome to Unified Public Advocacy Non-Profit Organization, where our mission is to serve our community in times of disaster. As a non-profit public adjuster, we are dedicated to assisting individuals and families affected by natural disasters and ensuring they receive the support they deserve. Our commitment to community welfare has led us to collaborate with FEMA, and we're proud to share our journey with you.

Our Involvement with FEMA

At Unified Public Advocacy Non-Profit Organization, we understand the critical importance of FEMA in disaster relief efforts. That's why we have actively participated in FEMA events, working hand-in-hand to provide assistance to those in need. Our partnership with FEMA has allowed us to contribute significantly to disaster relief and recovery.

Impact and Results

Our involvement with FEMA has yielded tangible results. Here are some stories of individuals and communities we've been able to help.
Mary's Story
After a devastating flood, Mary was overwhelmed by the complex FEMA application process. With our guidance, she successfully received the assistance she needed to rebuild her life.
Community Resilience
Through our collaboration with FEMA, we've supported entire communities in their recovery efforts, helping them get back on their feet after disasters strike.

Services Offered

At Unified Public Advocacy Non-Profit Organization, we offer a wide range of services to disaster victims.
FEMA Claim Assistance
We help you navigate FEMA's processes, ensuring you receive the services they offer.
Insurance Claims Support
Our expertise extends to insurance claims, helping you understand and maximize your coverage.
Disaster Recovery Guidance
We provide valuable guidance on how to rebuild and recover after a disaster.

How to Get Help

Getting the help you need is easy. Simply reach out to us. Whether you have questions, need assistance with FEMA claims, or require support in your recovery journey, we're here for you.
(855) 944 - 3473
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Get Involved

You can make a difference too! Consider getting involved with our non-profit organization.
Join our dedicated team of volunteers and help us serve the community.
Contribute to our mission and support disaster-affected individuals and families.
Participate in our fundraising efforts to help us expand our reach.

Testimonials and Trust-building

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our clients and partners have to say about us.
John S.
Thanks to Unified Public Advocacy, I received the FEMA support I desperately needed.
Local Disaster Relief Agency
Their expertise in public adjusting and FEMA assistance is unmatched.
We are a certified and trusted organization, dedicated to helping those in need.


What is FEMA, and how can it help me?
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) provides financial assistance to individuals and communities affected by disasters. We can help you navigate the FEMA application process to access this support.
Are your services free?
Our services do not take any penny out of pocket. We are a non-profit organization committed to helping disaster victims.
How can I volunteer with Unified Public Advocacy Non-Profit Organization?
You can express your interest in volunteering by contacting us via phone or email.
Are you in need of FEMA assistance or disaster recovery support? Contact us today, and let us help you through this challenging time. Together, we can rebuild and thrive.